Marcelo Worsley

Assistant Professor
Learning Sciences and
Computer Science
Northwestern University


Curriculum Vitae

I am an assistant professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern's School of Education and Social Policy and the McCormick School of Engineering. I recently launched the technological innovations for inclusive learning and teaching (tiilt) lab (website forthcoming). The goal of my research is to advance society's understanding of how students learn in complex learning environments by forging new opportunities for using multimodal technology. The use of multimodal technology is two-fold. First, the environments that I study allow students to experience learning across a range of modalities. Second, I use multimodal signal processing and artificial intelligence to study how student learning is demonstrated across different modalities and time scales. Furthermore, I endeavor to improve these learning environments by 1) creating multimodal interfaces that promote inclusivity and incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence and 2) researching pedagogical strategies that foster transfer.